ASR华人体育活动中心 开始成立ASR 拳击健身俱乐部

Young Boxing Fitness lovers now are supported by Aotea Sport

Boxing has become the fashion world’s favourite workout. It not only increases muscular stature and physical strength; it can also help balance the mind. More and more people get stress whatever in the company, family, social or business. It is good to get rid of stress through the Boxing fitness.

  • You can switch off from the outside world and be present in the moment
  • It builds self-confidence as much as physical strength
  • It can help you manage anger and overcome it

Aotea Sport now start to create the ASR Boxing Fitness Team and support the boxing fitness activities. We have professional coach and number of members can work together.

ASR华人体育活动中心 开始成立ASR 拳击健身俱乐部。

希望帮助更多有工作压力,思想压力以及社交压力的都市工作者。 对于日常工作压力极大的工作者而言,拳击是一种发泄,更是一种锻炼自己身体与精神专注力的生活方式。他们不仅要面对宏大环境的压力,也面临自我身份的焦灼和痛感,尤其是当下中产阶层与社会其他阶层之间的流通越来越多,白领身份的透明度和颗粒质感空前增强。我们会定期开展免费体验和交流活动。欢迎大家参与。

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